At Smashfest Queen, we are dedicated to empowering female athletes through high-performance sports apparel designed specifically for their unique needs. Our mission goes beyond creating gear; we aim to foster a community where women support and uplift each other, inspiring fortitude in both mental and physical realms.

We are committed to delivering exceptional sportswear that enhances performance, comfort, and confidence. By focusing on the specific needs of women athletes, we ensure that every piece of apparel not only meets but exceeds expectations. Our dedication to quality and innovation drives us to continuously improve and expand our offerings, making a positive impact on the lives of women in endurance sports.

Join us in our mission to build a stronger, more empowered community of women athletes. Together, let's break barriers, set new records, and uplift each other every step of the way.


Friends for 20+ years now, Hillary and Michele founded Smashfest Queen in 2012 to make the gear they missed in the endurance multisport world. With few fast, comfortable, and fashionable apparel options for sophisticated women on the market, the friends were motivated to create their own brand of attire for their smashfests. A few years later, TeamSFQ was born, and this inspiring community of endurance athletes, from runners, to swimmers, to cyclists, to ninja warriors...our team of athletes is life! We now create gear for them and their variety of pursuits, and offer their favorite things made to order for you via once-monthly pre-order drops. 


After falling in love with endurance sports as an age group athlete and competing in her first Hawaii Ironman at the age of 24, Hillary competed in ironman triathlons professionally for a decade. Hillary went on to achieve her goal of becoming an Ironman Champion at Ironman Wisconsin in 2008 and also won the Ultraman World Championship in 2013. During her career, Hillary was known for her prolific racing schedule, often racing 8x ironmans in a season, and logging 66 ironman finishes in total.  In her retirement, Hillary enjoys running with friends, especially on trails, and has completed the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim run 5x and counting! Hillary founded her endurance coaching business, now known as Biscay Coaching, in the early years of her racing career, and Co-Founded Smashfest Queen during her final years of professional racing. Always one to go all-in on her passion, after retiring from professional triathlon, Hillary, along with her husband, welcomed 4 kids to their family in just under 3.5 years through birth and adoption. Hillary is a passionate animal-lover and mom to 4 rescue dogs in addition to her 4 young kids.

Michele Landry

Michele grew up in awe of her father who competed in Ironman World Championships in 1982 & 1983 when endurance sports were considered extreme.  She competed in her first triathlon in 2004 and quickly developed into an endurance fanatic craving more opportunities to race and longer distances to push herself.

Michele has competed as a top age group athlete in more than 100 endurance events. Her accomplishments include qualifying for the Boston Marathon 3 consecutive years and 4 Ironman finishes, including one trip to the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, HI. After having her first child in 2015, Michele turned to trail running and developed a passion for ultra distances.  Michele is mom to 2 kids and 2 rescue pups and married to her husband for over 20 years.