Name: Emily Lanter 

Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ

Ironman completed: 16

Qualified at Mt. Tremblant

This is my 6th Kona! (Crazy)

I included family pics because my journey back to the big island is all about them. My husband and I have 5 kids between us and I just became a (step) Grandma this year. Earlier this year I decided to take stop racing and focus on family and career. I felt like I wasn’t being present for them and I wasn’t the best version of myself. I put so much emphasis on training, racing and performing well that I lost sight of what matters most which is spending time with the people you love. In August my 5 year old told started kindergarten and told me that she really really wanted to go back to Hawaii to watch mom race. It made me think about how much I love racing and I was starting to miss it. I had just barely started exercising/lightly training again and thought there was no way I could get myself ready to race in 4 weeks. After a few talks with the fam and with my coach we decided to race Mt Tremblant and see what happens. Despite a 5 week block of training I completely shocked myself and finished second which qualified me for Kona. I’m so grateful to be back racing on the big island again and I’m especially grateful that the whole fam will be here to share it with me. My goals for race day are to focus on the process, stay grateful and make myself proud. I am so lucky to be a Smashfest Queen and I hope to represent on race day!

Hillary Biscay