Name: Justine Bolton
Hometown: Perth, Western Australia
Number of Ironmans Completed: 15
Number of Hawaii Ironmans Completed: 0
Where You Kona Qualified: All of my 15 Ironman races were part of the long road I took to finally achieve my Legacy qualification.

Tell us about your road to the Big Island--the good, the bad, and the ugly!:)
The good: my husband has been there with me for every swim, bike and run session with so much patience and love even when I threw a few tantrums because Anthony  wouldn’t ride in front of me on the tough, windy rides.
The bad: training through a cold and wet winter for Kona however the infrared sauna sessions (7 days on - 3 days off) has worked perfectly.
The ugly: I have noticed a big difference in my body being on the other side of 45 years of age that I am still trying to get my mind around and to find a new equilibrium.

What are your goals for race day?

My first goal, as always, is to finish! My second goal is to be grateful and show that by smiling the whole way. My third goal is to be in each moment as much as possible because, as crazy as it sounds, even 14-15 hours goes by too fast.

What will you be wearing out there in the lava fields? 

I will be wearing my custom Wings suit. This suit tested perfectly in near identical conditions at Bintan 70.3 and I know it gives me that extra mental lift to be the best I can be.

Hillary Biscay