Name: Meghan Grant
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Number of Ironmans Completed: 2
Number of Hawaii Ironmans Completed: Zero. This will be my first go at the big dance!
Where You Kona Qualified: Santa Rosa

Tell us about your road to the Big Island--the good, the bad, and the ugly!:)

I had been a marathon runner for several years. Sadly, my body did not agree with the training. After incurring several stress fractures and nearly breaking my hip, I had to make the very difficult decision to step away from the marathon.

Lucky me, my wonderful friend invited me to a group spin with the legendary Michellie Jones. It was a Wednesday night. Next thing I knew Michellie had me signing up for a sprint tri that very Sunday. I was hooked instantly. Before I knew it, I was committed to Oceanside 70.3 and Ironman Wisconsin.

Honestly, the Ironman World Championships was never on my radar until crossing that finish line in Wisconsin. It is truly incredible what your body can do when you train it right.

I’m fortunate to have the MOST inspiring friends, training partners, and SMASH teammates. These amazing women carried me through the early mornings, the soul crushing workouts, and the pure exhaustion to my qualifying race in Santa Rosa. To me, these relationships are what triathlon is all about. I often doubt that I belong in this race just yet, but I know I’ll cross that finish line with my tribe in my heart and cheering me on.

What are your goals for race day?
First goal is to cross the finish line. After that, anything more is icing on the cake!

What will you be wearing out there in the lava fields?
I’ll be rocking the new Tie-dye aero suit!

Hillary Biscay